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_drade Reviews Make G odd _ace and Current Lobby Displa

. ~n. s %

' Dee. 28, 1932 |


‘Story, Direction,

Acting All Great

“HARD TO HANDLE” Warner Bros.

aDIREGH Ona. aten a Mervyn LeRoy Orisinal? bys=. Houston Branch Screen play.............. ..Wilson Mizner, Robert Lord Photography .e.. 3 Barney McGill

Cast: James Cagney, Mary Brian, Al- len Jenkins, Ruth Donnelly, Claire Dodd, Gavin Gordon, Emma Dunn, Robert McWade, John Sheehan, Matt McHugh.

This one has SMASH written all over it in capital letters. Warners made a statement a short time back to the effect that they would, in the

future, reach in the headlines for their

stories whenever possible. If they can ‘““‘reach in headlines’? and drag out pictures like ‘“‘Hard to Handle,”’ all this reviewer can say is, ‘‘By all means, reach.”’

Starting with Houston Branch’s original story, the screen play by Wil- son Mizner and Robert Lord, the di- rection of Mervyn LeRoy, the per- formances of Jimmy Cagney and every member of the great’ cast—and we mean every member—hand laurel wreaths to everyone concerned. For

there hasn’t been a faster, funnier: wh

comedy riot turned out in Hollywood

- in many a day. And here’s some- | thing you can mark down in the little ci aed | red book. There isn’t a single sug- ‘| gestive line or off-color situation yin 4.the entire script. Which, proves they Cae dilate teeter ated proves leona


~The yarn concerns a quick- thinking

_promoter who starts as a Southern California dance marathon press agent and winds up as the biggest adver- tising man on Broadway. His last ex- ploit lands him in jail for using the

‘mails to defraud—his grapefruit pro- ‘motion stunt having been a bit op-.

timistic. But he is too smooth to re- main in the hoosegow long. He

makes his racket legitimate by cre-

ating a demand for grapefruit—this:

“out of scene. -ney McGill’s splendid photography. _ And another word about the story.

by the simple expedient: of getting a band leader named ‘‘Blackman’’ (rem- ‘iniscent, eh?) to reduce on a grape- fruit diet.

James Cagney’s performance of the Promoter is in his usual vein and he wrings everything out of it that the part affords. But for the first time, the genial Jimmy has a serious con- tender for premier honors. Ruth Don- nelly, in a role rich with laughs, steps forward literally to steal the show. She. plays with the broadest possible touch. Perhaps wallop would be a better word, for that is exactly what she achieves. It looks as if a new

comedy star was on the screen _hori- zon,

Mary Brian contributes another of her charming heroines, and Claire Dodd continues to display a superior brand of sex appeal. All the others are uniformly excellent.

The furious pace of Mervyn. LeRoy’s direction never lets down for a single moment. The speed of the dialogue might have satisfied some directors, but LeRoy adds tempo by the zip with

rich he moves his characters in and A bow, too, to Bar-

It is never illogical. It does not re- sort to the venerable for its gags. It continually tops_its own laugh, situa- ly to a preordainéd conclusion with- out wandering. into numerous by- ways. Another cheer for Houston Branch and a couple of hurrahs for Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord. Sell this. feature as a laugh treat fet the whole family. Sell it with the ‘management’s unqualified guarantee. The picture will back up anything you can say for it and you'll find ‘Hard

‘to Handle” is the easiest thing you

ever handled.


In addition to using these re-

views for a lobby display,

we suggest you send copies

to your local critics.

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HOLLYWOOD HERALD December 31, 1932

Full o’ Laughs =, Etesh_ and as HARD TO HANDLE breezy as tomorrow’s

newspaper, ‘‘Hard Warner Bros. Handle’ might Wes been dropped on _ . your doorstep by the pical is its story, so newsy

James Cagney return ) : s to the screen in a role ideally suited to his tal-

ents, a rough and ready promoter and ex- ploiteer, broke one day and

a potential millionaire the next.

delivery boy, so to are its happenings.

been impatient while he and the Warners argued Over salary.

5: But the reception of | “Hard to Handle’ also _ will be marked by review- ers and public for its presentation of a new pic- ture stealer who may very well become a leading

- breezy

screen comedienne in her own right, Ruth _

Donnelly. Rememb

the_ Reredians to T rogues wee oo thumb in that part, and has been uniformly good in everything that has been handed her. But this time she got a fat part, and how she ran away with it! She means every bit as much to the picture as Cagney and that is saying plenty. In the role of the promoting mother, anxious to get on Hasy Street for her daughter’s sake, and quite as much for her own, Miss Donnelly is nothing less than riotous. Count her as being very definitely on the up and up for the 1933 schedule. Her comedy is grand.

Houston Branch concocted the yarn, which begins with one of those dizzy dance marathons which were so plentiful in our midst a few months ago. It jumps to New York and grabs fat reducing cream for some more laughs, then to Florida and grapefruit, winding up with the 18-day diet gag, in- cluding a funny burlesque of the recent Paul Whiteman dieting. From this you can readily see that the whole thing is timely and topical from soup to nuts. Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord did the screen play and provided some hilarious action and dialogue, and Mervyn LeRoy shook up the cocktail until it fairly sparkles.

We can drag out that good old expression without fear of contradiction, and say that “Hard to Handle’ is genuine “‘down to earth’ entertainment. It shouldn’t be hard to handle, and certainly it is easy to take. Cagney is back with a bang, and brings a most promising comedienne along with him. So there’s something for the New Year.


Warner Bros. production, directed by Mervyn LeRoy from a screen play by Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord. Original story by Houston Branch. Photographed by Barney McGill. Film editor, Bill Holmes. Art direction, Robert Haas.

Players: James Cagney, Mary Brian, Allen Jenkins, Ruth Donnelly, Claire Dodd, Gavin Gordon, Emma Dunn, Robert McWade, John Sheehan, Matt McHugh, Walter Walker, Berton Churchill, Mary Doran, Louise Macintosh.


Jénvary 7.4933

Hard To Handle

(Warner ) Comedy

Showmanship sticks out all i V over this show in capital lettérs. It’s about a showman, Lefty

Merrill, a publicity man and a promoter, with .

aS many gags for making money as th stars in the skies and it provides alfros: sss many laughs. Comedy from start to finish, it also carries a sympathy creating romance, glows with a grand line of peppy dialogue and iS as speedy as it is timely and novel. Beginning with the final hours of a dance marathon, the hectic action is under way at once, as Lefty, the high-powered press agent of the marathon, is the big shot with, the thou- sands of spectators who jam the dance hall and the apple of the eye of one of the con- testants, Ruth. The whole thing blows up ina

riot of mirth as Lefty’s partner skips out with | A

the prize money and Lefty “takes it on the lam,” just a couple of jumps ahead of “the irate mob. Early scenes indicate that Lil Waters, Ruth's mother, is going to be very prominent in that which is to follow and: she 1s—so much so that, although Cagney is.billed as the head line : y almost steals” ow and you can guarantee that she will. hand your patrons scores of laughs.

A promoted treasure h tains unt on a Pleasare=pig’ 3 pares =, ae ——

As a hiatus the Lil Waters iurunue ws

episodes should bring the house down. The 2 locale and excitement shift to New York, ff

Lefty is broke; another big shot is making a play for Ruth and Lil is helping him along in grand style.,;A poor vanishing cream gives Lefty an idéa. It won’t “vanish,” so he sells the manufaeturers the idea of peddling it as a reducing cream and showmen are given an- other lesson in showmanship.

Raising a million for a jerk-water college is the next episode and Lefty is on easy street and riding high with Ruth and her “mother. Publicizing “Grape Fruit Acres” a Florida real estate gag lands Lefty in jail for using ttte mails to defraud-as the promoter skips out to South America. In his cell, he meets his old dance marathon pal, who is emaciated as the result of a grapefruit diet because he had noth- ing else to eat. His misfortune is only a heaven sent idea for Lefty. Se

As a result of his mammoth publicity cam- paign, the nation turns to grapefruit. The fa- mous 18-day diet is rung in. So is the famous Paul Whiteman reducing accomplishment. “Grape Fruit Acres” becomes a gold mine for the investors, the charges are dropped, but the exciting fun is not finished until Lefty pulls a typical gag stunt on Ruth and her mother to accept him as one of the family. |

Everything that has been described can be made the basis for a real interest-creating cam- paign in which everything from radio broad-

casting, 24 sheeting, commercial tie-ups and

gag exploitation down to teaser heralds can

be used, as they are all used in the pictures. Use of those, however, even to the fullest ex- tent, shouldn’t be the limit of your business building campaign. “Hard to Handle,” which should be easy to handle, is Cagney’s first pic- ture in months: He has proved his box office ability and with him taken out of his “tough mug” roles, it shouldn’t be difficult to pick up on his established popularity. You can't afford to overlook Ruth Donnelly and, although her picture popularity is not great, you will find your patrons talking about her. Among the

other things you do in connection with this pic- ture, it might not be a bad idea to ring in soffie- ©

where in your advertising that it witnesses the beginning of a new star. ; The show is real entertainment for any kind of a theatre. As it kept a large preview audi- ence in spasms of everything from downright belly-laughs to emotion stirring smiles, it should do the same every place it is shown. It’s great entertainment for the adults, yet at the same time is one of those pictures that you can shout about as suitable for the young- ‘sters—McCartuy, Hollywood.


Make “James Cagney Back Again” The Slogan for Your Campaign

bheed f

“Hard to Handle” with James Cagney is a push over for a big box office smash, as his reputation today is greater than ever before.


The entire world is waiting to see James Cagney again after the tremendous amount of publicity he got during his absence from the screen, while he was trying to get together on a contract with the studio. All this publicity has served to make Cagney a sensational draw.

“Cagney Back Again,” should be the big punch of your campaign. Shout it in your ads, in your advance and current lobby displays and in your exploitation.


Cagney’s role as a high powered publicity and ad- vertising promoter, affords you the grandest exploita- tion picture you have had in a long time. Everything he does in the picture can be used to sell this hit.

The supporting cast is worth the finest kind of plug. Mary Brian is one of the best liked actresses on the screen. Ruth Donnelly, Allen Jenkins and Claire Dodd have been steadily building fine reputations and big followings.

Eleanor Holm, Olympic swimming and diving cham- pion, whose entrance into the movies has been widely publicized, makes her screen debut in this picture. It might be worth your while to mention this fact.


- Lefty Merrill, a high powered pub- iicity promoter, stages a marathon dancing contest which Ruth, a girl with whom he has fallen in love, wins. But McGrath, his partner, runs off with the proceeds and Lefty is un- able to pay the prize money.

Ruth, and her mother, Lil, who is

bent on marrying her daughter off to

any one who has money, go to New York and Lefty follows them. Lil meets John Hayden, a well-to-do com- mercial photographer, and then tries to have Ruth ‘‘ditch’’ Lefty. But when he puts over a _ promotion scheme for a reducing cream and

“makes a lot of money, Lil drops the

‘photographer for Lefty, and urges Ruth to marry him.

Lefty is persuaded by a man named Reeves to promote a grape fruit stock selling scheme. The money rolls in but grapefruit proves to be a drug on the market.

Lefty goes to Florida to look after the company’s interest, and is fol- lowed by Marlene, Reeves’ daughter. Ruth becomes suspicious about the Florida jaunt and follows Lefty. She finds him and Marlene together and returns to New York, swearing she will never see him again.

Marlene gets a note from her father to meet her in South America as the company has gone broke and the

Director Story by

Sereen Play by Photographed by Film Editor

Art Director Gowns by

Vitaphone Orchestra conducted by


federal officers are after him. Lefty returns to New York and is im- mediately arrested for using the mails to defraud.

He is placed in a cell, where his

erstwhile marathon partner, McGrath, 2 Reels

has preceded him on another charge. The latter has been up against it and was reduced to a diet of grapefruit which he stole from fruit stands.

McGrath, who has lost weight, rue- fully tells Lefty it was due to his grapefruit diet. This gives Lefty an idea. Released on bail, he starts an advertising campaign for grapefruit as a reducing food. He engages a famous actress to announce that she has refused to marry a noted band leader because he is too fat, and then gets the band leader to reduce on grapefruit, starting the fad. This puts his company on a paying basis and the charges against Lefty are dropped.

In the meantime Lil has brought Ruth and the photographer together again, and they have decided to be married. Then Lil hears Lefty is making money and rushes to his of- fice to make up with him. Being still in love with Ruth, Lefty accompanies her back to her apartment. When Ruth sees Lefty, she knows she can never. love anyone but him.

Mervyn LeRoy Houston Branch § Wilson Mizner and

Secor eeeseessesees } Robert Lord

Barney McGill


Warner Bros. Pictures, Ine.

i they Hapnone Corp, 2

25 %






Mary Brian Allen Jenkins....................... Directed by Mervyn LeRoy...............00...005 A Warner Bros. and Vitaphone Picture................

Length... 7498 Ft.

Time ...81 Minutes

Bill Holmes Robert Haas Orry-Kelly Leo F. Forbstein




TECHNICOLOR MUSICAL with SOUTH SEA Locale. A rare treat with a great cast —TOM DUGAN, RICHARD POWELL, NEELY ED- WARDS—and Oh, Those South Sea Beauties!


Novel short presenting a lot

of tough ways to earn a living —LOWELL THOM- AS, RADIO HEADLINER, |, gives you the off-screen dope.





James Cagney Mary Brian Ruth Donnelly Allen Jenkins Claire Dodd Gavin Gordon

Lefty Merrill Ruth Waters Lil Waters Radio Announcer Marlene Reeves John Hayden


A “MERRIE MELODY”? | Mrs. Hawks «0.0.00... ccc tierce Emma Dunn

; Zeer ed ROGmeS ea ees eS ree Robert McWade Peat sat seen eee te crs Toki Sheela INE COMDIMATON OL MUSIC] Jog Goety ooo... cccccccscsvsscscsesseesvessserssesseueseeeeesesneteneteeeeess Matt McHugh

and howling comedy.

Mrs. Weston Louise Mackintosh

INDEX SCREEN RECORDS ACCESSORIES .......... 26|JAMES CAGNEY—“Winner Take|EMMA DUNN—“Blessed Event,” All,” “The Crowd Roars,” “Taxi,’| “It’s Tough To Be Famous,” “Un- ADVANCE STORIES 4-5 “Smart Money,” “The Public der Eighteen,” “Too Young To Ae ADS 11-16 Enemy,” “The Millionaire,” “Door- Marry,” “Bad Sister,” “Morals For sete oe aren way To Hell.” Wamon”

BANNER... 3. 25|MARY BRIAN—“Blessed Event,” ee Sa.

“Tt’s Tough To Be Famous,” “The a out, n reet, BIOGRAPHIES ............. Front Page,’ “Homicide Squad,” ra s Pi ret 3, 10, 18 19 “The Runaround,” “The Royal ang, imarron, aales oO

idan er aoe ieee TereRa On 5 * ; the Jury.” Family.” y U E T ae? »|MATT McHUGH—“The Purchase CURRENT STORIES .... ALLEN JENKINS—42nd Street,” |""p.icg» «The Heckler,” “Road- 5 Ladies They Talk About,” “Blon- :

ee ee es es 9 6, a : sae » | house Murder,” “Two Seconds,” oo peer ae “Freaks,” “The Wet Parade.” :

(79 bf y 1 (ons {2 3 s EXPLOITATION 20-25) (Borerere, Bntrnee:pamed|@avin, “GoRDON— “Jewel. Bab FASHION LAYOUT 9. 22 Chain Gang.” bery,” “The: Great Meadow,” See “Secret Service,” “Shipmates,”

RUTH DONNELLY—‘“Ladies They Talk About,” “Blessed Event,” “Jewel Robbery,” “Transatlantic,”

“The Silver Horde.” JOHN SHEEHAN—“The Criminal Code,” “Fair Warning,” “Swing

FEATURE STORIES .... 6, 5,9, 17, 16,22

“The Rainbow Trail,” “The Hich” “Ki : . gh, ismet. LOBBY EA eel = on eee eee 25 Spider,” “Wicked.” MERVYN LEROY (Director) —“I P M CLAIRE DODD—“Blondie Johnson,’| Am a Fugitive from a Chain ROGRAM CUTS .. 4, 10 “Parachute Jumper,’ “Lawyer| Gang,” “Three on a Match,” “Two RE Vit w= = = 6| Man,” “Crooner,” “Under Hight-| Seconds,” “Heart of New York,” teen,” “Man Wanted,” “The Match| “Local Boy Makes Good,” “Five SHORTS = 3 5| King.” Star Final.” :

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your 1 st story

*‘Hard to Handle’’ Based Upon Publicity Efforts

OW publicity and advertising pulls the strings that govern modern America is told with humor, gusto, and brilliant acting in James Cagney’s latest Warner Brothers-First

National picture, ‘‘Hard To Handle,’’ which comes to the............


se a Theatre.....

The picture, incidentally, is Cagney’s first work since his recent return to the screen, after several months absence.

It is his best work, since ‘‘ Public Enemy,’’ although an entirely dif- ferent sort of story. The former was tragedy. ‘‘Hard to Handle’’ is the most waggish lampooning of Ameri- ean falsefronts that has ever been attempted upon the screen.

This great comedy is motivated around the publicity methods and ad- vertising which practically run the country today. The dance marathon, giant treasure hunts, changing a cold cream which ‘‘won’t rub in’’ into a reducing compound which rolls off fat, then getting a well-known society leader to endorse it; taking a doc- tor’s degree at a university for build- ing up its financial structure, rolling up millions out of a citrus fruit which no one would buy, much less eat, be- fore it was ‘‘discovered’’ that it took off weight—these are only a few of the legitimate rackets of young men with promoting ideas which James Cagney promotes as a high pressure ‘‘public relations’’ counsel.

The scene with the society leader alone is said to be the funniest thing to come out of Hollywood in a de- cade—and, it is added, no one can mistake its significance.

The scenes depicting the dance marathon, modelled exactly after such a marathon which took place earlier in the year at Santa Monica, Calif. and which all picture people had an opportunity to view at first hand, the treasure hunt, in which five thousand extras pull down a pleasure pier,

“—hhave more production value than any

similar scenes shot by a motion pic- ture company in five years.

Cagney’s own work is said to be excellent; but it is almost equalled by that of Ruth Donnelly, a new- comer to the screen from the George M. Cohan Theatre in New York. And Mary Brian has the best role of her career. Miss Donnelly plays Mary’s mother and Jimmy’s best friend and severest eritic—a role bristling’ with wisecracks and full of side-shaking ac- tion. Mary plays Jimmy’s girl with him when he is poor, holding him off when he is ‘‘in the dough’? forgiving him magnanimously, in the end, for the one thing prospective bridegrooms are not generally for- given.

The story is by Houston Branch, brought with great skill into screen play form by Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord. The direction is by Mervyn LeRoy, who directed ‘‘ Five Star Final’’ and ‘‘I’m a Fugitive From a Chain Gang’’—and compares favorably with both former jobs.

Others in the cast include Allen Jenkins, Claire Dodd, Gavin Gordon, Emma Dunn, Robert McWade, John Sheehan and Matt McHugh.

your Lea story

James Cagney Back in ““Hard to Handle’’

James—Jimmie to you—Cagney is back on the screen again. Back after an absence of several months, his last appearance having been in ‘‘ Winner Take All.’’

And what a comeback! He will be BOGIE A Ine se en ee Theatre Next ee . in what is said to be one of the most hilariously fun- ny comedies of the season, a Warner Bros. production entitled, ‘‘Hard To Handle.’’

Although grapefruit plays a prom- inent part in the picture, Jimmy has given over his habit of squirting it in Milady’s eye, or even of socking some fair dame in the ‘‘kisser.?’ Rather he is on the receiving end to get many a smack from an un- sympathetic world before he finally conquers it and makes it his oyster.

Jimmy has the role of a high

Page Four

JAMES CAGNEY Cut No.3 Outi5e Mat 5c

powered publicity promoter in a rip roaring take off on the press agent, in a story by Houston Branch. That the path of the press agent is not a smooth one Jimmy finds out in a series of hard luck incidents that finally land him behind the bars.

An unusual romance threads its way behind the comedy situations and enlivens them with its love tangles in which Cupid nearly goes on the rocks.

Mary Brian has the role of Jimmy’s sweetheart, with Claire Dodd as the vamp who tries to steal him away, and Ruth Donnelly as the designing mother who seeks to marry her daughter to the richest man. Others in the cast include Allen Jenkins, Gavin Gordon, Emma Dunn, Robert MecWade, John Sheehan and Matt McHugh.

The screen play was written by Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord with Mervyn LeRoy directing.

your 3 rd story

Mary Brian Teamed With James Cagney in ““Hardto Handle’

James Cagney makes his first ap- pearance in months on the screen teamed up with Mary Brian as his leading lady in the Warner: Bros. whimsical comedy, ‘‘Hard To Han- dle,’’ which: opens atthe: PHOS tO ON. oe Seldom has there been better team work than that displayed by these two in a screen play of tangled fortunes in both business and love.

According to the Warner Bros. casting director, Miss Brian’s charm of manner, her beauty and innate Sweetness are perfect foils to Jim- my’s rough and ready exterior and his blustering, boisterous and over- confident spirit in his role as a high pressure publicity promoter.

The story, which is taken from Houston Branch’s delightful and up- roariously funny comedy drama, takes the spectator from the West Coast to New York and Florida in multi- farious publicity schemes which in- clude dance marathons, treasure hunts, reducing cream and grapefruit cam- paigns and the promotion of mono- hippie colleges.

Brilliant and sparkling dialogue has been injected by Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord as the authors of the

your Arn story James Cagney Plays Live Press Agent in “‘Hard to Handle”’

A story that combines quaint humor, rare satire, uproariously fun- ny situations, snappy dialogue and delightful romance, was chosen by Warner Bros. as, the starring vehicle in which James Cagney makes his re- turn bow on the screen, after an ab- sence of several months.

It. is a take off on the flamboyant, pompous and over-confident publicity promoter, entitled ‘‘Hard To Han- dle,’’ which is scheduled to be shown os-thoescreen “at the...) eae aes hea tVe next. <.esssersclen heck cke The story was written by Houston Branch, one of the pioneer press agents of the movies, who should know what he is talking about. Mr. Branch is also a former newspaper man, and the first motion picture editor of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Wilson. Mizner and Robert Lord, both former newspaper men, who have dabbled in publicity, enhanced the humor of the story with snappy dialogue and unique situations which should stir everyone’s risibilities. Cagney, as the press agent, puts over every sort of promotion scheme from dance marathons, treasure hunts, cold cream and grapefruit campaigns to building up a one horse college into a tremendous institution.

Mary Brian has the leading fem- inine role as Jimmy’s sweetheart, who jilts him when he is a success and marries him when he gets into trouble. Others in the east include Allen Jenkins, Ruth Donnelly, Claire Dodd, Gavin Gordon, Emma Dunn, Robert McWade, John Sheehan and Matt McHugh. The picture was di- rected by Mervyn LeRoy.

your 5B th story

Mary Brian Changes Tresses for Cagney

One of the last strongholds of the brunettes went down in Hollywood when Mary Brian went blonde for her part in James Cagney’s new pic- ture of Warner Bros., ‘‘Hard to Handle,’’? which comes to the ........ Se ie: i hogtieson ss en

Mary has kept her dark tresses up to the very last, but finally admitted that it has been a losing fight.

‘*Anita Loos started it,’’ she said. ““After that it was just like a ball rolling down hill. I’ve been asked at least a dozen times in the past

- year to blonde my hair, but I’ve al-

ways refused because it seemed to me it was just a passing phase.’’

But she changed her mind.

‘‘Passing phase?’’ she says. ‘‘It*s a blonde conflagration. The whole world’s doing it. On my _ recent vaudeville tour, I saw about three brunettes—all in different parts of the country. It’s a bandwagon, and the dark girls had better get aboard.’’

As a blonde, and one of no small amount of pulchritude, she appears in the leading feminine role as Cag- - ney’s sweetheart in a highly humor- ous comedy take-off on the press agent, in which Jimmy makes his bow on the screen after an absence of several months.

The story by Houston Branch con- tains snappy, sparkling dialogue and hilarious situations and a delightful romance. It was adapted to the screen by Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord, and directed by Mervyn Le- Roy.

nr asses

screen play. There is an underlying romance that runs its gamut of humor, pathos, tragedy and _ love thrills.

An exceptionally strong supporting cast includes such popular players as Ruth Donnelly, who made an out- standing hit in ‘‘Blessed Event,’ Allen Jenkins, Claire Dodd, Gavin Gordon, Emma Dunn, Robert Me- Wade, John Sheehan and Matt Me- Hugh. The picture was directed by Mervyn LeRoy.

your 6th story James Cagney Heads Strong Cast in His “Hard to Handle’’

An exceptionally strong cast was engaged to support James Cagney for his return bow to the screen, after an absence of several months, in the Warner Bros. picture, “Hard To Handle,’’ opening at the Gee een -‘Thea-

Mary Brian, the famous SOW-endsy-? “of eSbvet er Pan who has recently been seen in “Blessed Event” and “It’s Tough & To Be Famous,” has the leading feminine role as Jimmy’s sweetheart who throws him over when he gets tangled up with a vamp, later to become reconciled when she thinks her Jimmy is head- ed for jail. She appears as a blonde for the first time in her career.

Cut No. 9 Cut 15e Mat 5c

Ruth Donnelly has an extremely comic role as the dictatorial mother who is scheming to marry her daugh- ter to the wealthiest suitor she can snare. She was chosen for the im- portant part after having made a de- cided hit in ‘‘Blessed Event,’’ ‘‘Vadies They Talk About’? and ““ Jewel Robbery.’’

Others in the east, all well known players with experience on both stage and sereen, include Allen Jenkins, Claire Dodd, Gavin Gordon, Emma Dunn, Robert MeWade, John Shee- han, Matt McHugh.

_ The picture, a rare type of comedy, is a hilarious take off on _ high powered press agents, written by Houston Branch, who formerly was one himself. The laughable situa- tions have been enhanced by the quaint humor and sparkling dialogue of Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord, the adaptors. Mervyn LeRoy directed it.



MARY BRIAN, plays Jimmy Cag-

ney’s platinum blonde light o’ love

in “Hard To Handle” coming to the Strand on Friday.

Cut No.8 Outi5e Mat 5c

James Cagney Back Again On the Screen as High Pressured Press Agent

James Cagney, the aggressive red headed movie star whose, pugnacious screen roles have made him the idol of the screen fans, is back on the screen again in his first picture since he went on a one man strike last Summer. He is just as aggressive as ever when dealing with men in his latest Warner Bros. picture “Hard To Handle,’ which is now showite-at the Thea- tre, but he goes the way of all flesh when dealing with the spirited Mar; Brian, who is his sweetheart in the picture.



Special Publicity Art

our 7th story

““Hard to Handle’’ Has Over 10,000 Extras

Over 10,000 persons take part in the mammoth scenes in James Cag- ney’s new starring vehicle for War- ner Bros., ‘‘Hard To Handle,’’ which opens:-at thes ass Theatre

Some of the largest crowds ever shown in a picture will be seen in various sequences in the production in which Cagney makes his return bow on the screen, his smiling

countenance not having been seen in pictures since ‘Winner Take All,’’ released several months ago.

One scene is a treasure hunt staged by the management of the Ocean Park Pier at the California resort as a publicity stunt, but photographed by Warner Bros. and incorporated in the picture. More than five thousand persons took part in the seareh for hidden gold and nearly wrecked the pier in their effort to discover the $250 in gold pieces.

Two thousand persons appear in another scene at Santa Monica where a section of Coney Island had been reproduced on the beach. A _ third scene shows more than fifteen hundred persons at a marathon dance contest which was staged especially for the picture. Several hundred other per- sons are shown at a graduation ex- ercise and other scenes of the picture.

These stunts are put on by Cagney in his role of a high pressure pub- licity promoter in one of the most uproariously funny comedies that has come to the sereen this season. The story by Houston Branch is a whim- sical take off on press agents. Spark- ling dialogue and unique situations have been incorporated by Wilson Mizner and Robert Lord, the adaptors.

Mary Brian plays the leading fem- inine role opposite Cagney while others in the cast inelude Allen Jen- kins, Ruth Donnelly, Claire Dodd, Gavin Gordon, Emma Dunn, Robert McWade, John Sheehan and Matt MeHugh. The picture was directed by Mervyn LeRoy, who directed ‘“Wive Star Final,’’? ‘‘I Am a Fugi- tive From a Chain Gang’’ and Many other famous Warner Bros. hits.

your Sith story

1,500 Extras Used in ““Hard to Handle’ Dance Marathon Set

All the intense excitement of a dance marathon has been captured by the camera and microphone and shown on the screen for the first time in James Cagney’s new starring vehicle for Warner Bros., “Hard To Handle,” which opens at the ......... .. Seiises 0 EAT O.ONe ccs ee

The hopes and the fears of con- testants who start out on the long journey fresh and confident, to dance through weary hours in which spirits droop and bodies become fagged as they fight on toward the prize, the wild enthusiasm of great crowds who cheer on their favorite couples, the peanut venders, hot dog stands and other picturesque appurtenances, are registered in a spectacular scene promoted by Cagney as the master press agent of his time.

Fifteen hundred extra players were used to get the atmosphere of the dance marathon which was held on an amusement pier at Santa Monica. And these extras were all trained for their parts, most of them spending weeks at just such dances which were staged by the manage- ment of the amusement places at the Coast resort all summer.

This is but one of the many sen- sational promotion stunts created by Cagney that add to the hilarious comedy of one of the funniest pic- tures ever to come to the screen. The story is a take off on publicity promoters written by Houston Branch, once a press agent himself.




dle,” the Warner Bros. comedy-drama now showing at the

Cut No. 12

Notables Always Like to Watch Cagney at Work

James Cagney, the Warner Bros. star, who was born in the New York slums, has a faculty of attract- ing the interest and friendship of the “great.” The latest notable to visit him was Lincoln Steffens, who wanted to meet him and see him work in the production of “Hard to Handle,” which opens at the ............ Pei ee SNBRIE OM ona Others who have visited the studios in the past year, just to see Cag-

ney, are Prof. Charles Austin Beard, famous educator and author of

“Whither Mankind,” Dr. Jacob Gould Schurman, former president of Cornell University and Ambassa- dor to Germany, and Julian Huxley,

one of the world’s foremost natural- ists.

The George M. Cohan Influence Is Still With Ruth Donnelly

Ruth Donnelly says she is trying to forget George M. Cohan, not per- sonally, but his mannerisms. Miss Donnelly, who has an important role in James Cagney’s latest starring

picture for Warner Bros., “Hard To’

Handle,” which opens at the ............ We Se ODS Seas cheng WAS With the famous stage comedian for years. So long, she says that she cocks her head to one side and talks out of the southeast corner of her mouth.

Allen Jenkins At Home in “Hard To Handle” Role

Allen Jenkins, who plays the part of a radio announcer in James Cag- ney’s new starring vehicle for War- ner Bros., ‘‘Hard To Handle,’’ com- PRE 40 “the ke ee Thea- tre, is right at home on the job. He was at one time a broadcaster for the National Broadcasting Com- pany.


Mary Brian plays the role of Jim- my’s leading lady who wins the dance marathon and afterwards aids and abets him in his many promo- tion schemes. Others in the cast in- clude Allen Jenkins, Ruth Donnelly, Claire Dodd and Gavin Gordon.



Cut 80c Mat 10e

James Cagney Directed Real Treasure Hunt

James Cagney handled the mega- phone to direct a treasure hunt at Ocean Park, a California resort, re- cently, much to the joy of several hundred gold seekers. It was a genuine treasure hunt, staged as an advertising stunt by the park man- agement. But the scene was “shot” for the Warner Bros. production, “Hard To Handle,’ which opens at UI eter pr te yore Theatre on. .:.........

erm oer In the picture Jimmy is a high powered publicity exploiter and

among the stunts he promotes is a

treasure hunt. So he acted in a double capacity for the amusement park and for picture purposes.

Mary Brian Started Her Career as Beauty Winner

Mary Brian, who plays ‘the lead- ing feminine role opposite James Cagney in the Warner Bros. produc- tion, “Hard To Handle,’ which opens —al- “thera 7. Theatre ONS ee as , got her start in pictures by winning a beauty con- test for a West Coast newspaper. The prize was a week’s personal ap- pearance on the stage. Herbert

Brennon, the producer, saw her, and at once assigned her to the role of Wendy in “Peter Pan.”

No Loafers on Stage When LeRoy Directs

Director Al Green, of Warner Bros., plays an extra role as part of the atmosphere for James Cag- ney’s latest starring vehicle, “Hard To Handle,’ which comes to the .... Gare aed TROGEIO D0 ooo. is He was walking across the set where Mervyn LeRoy was directing a scene in a hotel hallway. Not recognizing him LeRoy ordered him to sit in a chair to make the hall- Way appear occupied. Green com- plied and LeRoy did not know he was using a fellow director until after the scene was shot.

“I knew it was you all the time,” fibbed LeRoy.

“Fine,” said Green. “Now come across with a check for an extra’s work.”



Cagney Picture Takes a Dig at Society Women

A take-off on wealthy society women who pretend to endorse mer- chandise for charitable purposes and then haggle over the price forms one of the uproarious scenes in James Cagney’s latest starring vehicle for Warner